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The VSA helps with issues with licensed dealers, not private sellers

You can buy a vehicle from a private seller, from a licensed dealer, or from a person or place you think is a licensed dealer. A private seller who is in the business of selling vehicles without a licence is a “curber”. You can report them as a “curber”. For more information about “curbers”, see this Curber Fact Sheet.

The VSA can only help people who have issues when they buy or lease vehicles from licensed dealers.

Licensed dealers must:

  • Have a valid BC dealership license (with VSA)
  • Follow strict rules
  • Only offer used vehicles that meet minimum safety requirements
  • Declare some vehicles as not suitable for transportation

The rules these dealers must follow mean telling you if they know the vehicle:

  • Is from out of province
  • Was used as a lease, rental, taxi, or emergency vehicle
  • Had prior damage
  • Anything else important to your decision to buy or lease

You can find out if a dealer has a licence at this website:

If the vehicle seller did not show up in the search and you think they may be a “curber”, see this Curber Fact Sheet.

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